MARIELI FRÖHLICH is known for her perfectionism and unfailing aspiration for highest quality. MARIELI’s work is both: visceral and beautiful. Constantly innovative, she gives unfamiliar twists to familiar imagery. Her sumptuous cinematography, distinctive casting and refined art direction set her apart as a sexy, vivid and exciting filmmaker.
MARIELI developed a passionate love for film in early childhood in her father’s art house cinema, where she spent entire afternoons.
Born in a bohemian family of artists, writers, film directors and musicians in Vienna, Austria she already started to act in films as a teenager and this is how it all began. She travelled the world and lived in different cities such as Paris, New York and Vienna, met people that influenced her work and vision.
MARIELI was Vice President of the Creative Club Austria CCA and invited to lecture in Switzerland and Austria about new visual trends in advertising films. Her films were awarded and won prices at several Art Directors Clubs, some were short-listed at Cannes, Clio, New York, London, Montreux, Hollywood and won golden, silver and platinum Effies, a National Award in Cannes and a Mobius Award.