MARTINA has always loved to discover and capture stories, cultures and people in different environments. Growing up in Switzerland, the fascination of the pure and raw beauty in nature has always been a part of her. The many things she has heard and seen while traveling inspired her to visually implement them as she discovered her passion for moving images and everything connected with them.

She studied media science, art history and film studies in Zurich and Berlin, worked for a production company and has since then worked as a freelancer for numerous directors from all over the world. She consults them in their search for a visual approach and the right concept for various commercials and feature films.

She worked for brands such as Nike, Apple, BMW, Mercedes, Garnier, Ikea, Deutsche Bahn, Fiat, Tom Taylor and Deichmann. Along the way, she developed her own vision and started to write and direct her own projects.

MARTINA is excited to bring stories to life and to awaken longings, consciousness and desires through her films. Combining them in a visually stunning piece makes her truly happy.