A man returns to his home country after 50 years. Two siblings are investigating the disappearance of their older brother. A Syrian woman is fighting for asylum. A father that suppresses his feelings. A young woman that is nagged by her feeling of guilt. A mother that relearns to have compassion and a man in his best years, who is falling in love again. Our film is a family story. It separates into different episodes, that circle around the disappearance of 22-year-old Khalil and deals with the question, what drives a young person to radicalize.


87 min, 3,2K

Written & directed by Silvana Santamaria & Bilal Athimni
Cinematographer – Daniel Grendel
Camera Assistant – Finn Kölln
Gaffer – Leo Kairat
Sound – Skander Bouker, Moncef Taleb
Production Design – Mohammed Ali Ayadi
Editor – Sven Heußner
Producers – Bilal Athimni, Silvana Santamaria, Ayla Gottschlich

Production Companies – Zoneart-Films, Soilfilms

Actors – Anas Labadi, Wedia Testouri, Nour el Houda Amiri, Zina Al Halak Hannahi Laarousi, Mohamed Gazouni,
Salma Soussia, Bel Hag Hajer, Marmer Hbeiri, Helmi Merdasi, a. m.



Official selection – Carthage Film Festival – Section: Panorama 2018
Nominated – “Award of the Tunisian Labor Union 2018″ UGTT (Nobel Peace Prize winner 2015)