“Yes, I am different because I don’t want to live like you!”
Nevruz says, an photographer lives and works in Istanbul. She lives her sexuality, unlike a heterosexual would.
The documentary “Look at Me,” is a display of her live through her lens as we get to know the homosexual and bisexual women’s scene in Turkey. In her work, she deals with cultural repressions and familial restrictions with a desire for equality for all.


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62 min, HD

Written & directed by Ayla Gottschlich
Cinematographer – Sebastian Naumann
Sound – Maurice Wilkerling, Hans Bramm
Editor – Melanie Sorge
Music composed & conducted by Can Erdoğan, Listenbul
Sound mixing / Sounddesign – Andreas Mühlschlegel
Producer – Aysel Yilmaz
Production Company – Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg


Caligari Award
Awarded with the predicate „particularly valuable“
Feminale Köln Competition
45. Antalya Competition
20. Queer Filmfestival Esslingen
Schwarzer Kanal Festival Berlin
Identities Vienna Competition
20. türkische Filmtage Munich Competition
Escales Documentair La Rochelle Competition
Kulturcentralen Malmo Queer Filmfestival