Vivian designs lingerie for prostitutes. Together with her partner Michel, she sells her creations to the girls in Holland’s red-light districts who wear these “bikinis” to attract their clients. Vivian’s long-term relationship with the prostitutes allows the filmmaker Catalina Flórez unusually intimate insights into the mindset and the life of the girls behind the shop windows. The film shows the human side to what is otherwise considered a morally desolate existence for these women. It describes the search for quick money, freedom, fun and love, and a life between shop windows and relationships, between morals and compulsion, between beauty and age.



59Min, HD
TV Channel – SWR
First Broadcast on TV: 04.11.2011
Broadcasted on: EinsPlus, HR, EinsFestival, BR, NDR

Written & directed by Catalina Flórez Ibarra
Cinematographer – Tanja Haering
Sound – Catalina Flórez, Julia Mariano
Editor – Kilian Schmid
Music – Frank Müller, Andreas Fuchs
Sound design / Sound mixing – Nicolas Tsabertidis
Line Producer – Thomas Lechner
Producers – Anna Tasja Flügel, Stephan Grobe, Julia Mariano
Executive Producer – Hans-Hinrich Koch
Head of Production SWR – Jochen Dickbertel
Supervising Professor – Helga Reidemeister
Commissioning Editor – Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri
Production Company – avindependents, Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg
Funded by MFG Media and Film Society Baden-Wuerttemberg


World Premiere: 26.10.2011 – 45th Hof International Film Festival
Nominated for best photography, Deutsche Kamerapreis 2012
Best documentary film, Sehsüchte 2012
Best editing, Sehsüchte 2012
BAFICI, Buenos Aires 2012
Directors Lounge, Berlin 2012
Nominated for best documentary, First Steps Award 2012