Scene is the classroom of a special school in Berlin. Yannik is the leader of class 7a. Yousuf and Marcel would rather have him as a friend than as an enemy, otherwise they might end up like Emanuel. Sitting in a corner, unwanted and lonely, he gets beaten up regularly. But Emanuel shrugs off these offences and violations with surprising gentleness. All in one boat, the roles are firmly distributed. But when the teacher introduces the topics of democracy, ethics, and human rights to the class, Emanuel sees a chance to break free from his role as the underdog.



80 min, HD
TV Channel – SWR & 3Sat

Written & Directed by ­ Ayla Gottschlich
Cinematographer – Sebastian Naumann
Sound – Ayla Gottschlich, Simon Wolf
Editor – Gregor Bartsch
Music composed & conducted by Can Erdoğan
Sounddesign /Sound Sound mixing – Simon Wolf
Producer – Aysel Yilmaz
Production Company – Filmacademie Baden­Württemberg


9. Zagreb Filmfestival nominated for the Golden Pram Competition
Achtung Berlin – New Film Award Competition
27. Kassel Dok Fest, nominated for the Goldenen Key Competition
Filmschau Baden­Württemberg Competition