Sixty-five children live in an orphanage in Chennai, southern India, the city formerly known as Madras. Most of these children suffer from the effects of an almost forgotton disease: polio- infantile paralysis. Every year new children come to live in the orphanage. They take the places of those who have completed school and return to their families. The camera follows the settling-in process of two little girls called Venkatalakshmi and Devi. The fi lm reveals the true courage with which they master their trials.
“The existential pain which one first feels as a child and so much would like to forget rises in us. The only thing which calms the primal fear of being left alone is positive experience. And this takes time.”



45 min, HDV

Written & directed by Inga Bremer
Cinematographer – Willi Boehm
Sound / Editor – Silvio Herrmann
Music composed & conducted by  Karol Obara
Sound mixing – Karol Obara
Producer – Thomas Höfele
Production Company – Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg


Nominated for the German Human Rights Filmprice 2010