“Land of Light” it´s the place where all the wishes and dreams will be fulfilled. In this peaceful land children can play without worrying and parents take care of their descendants. A place, where all people are equal, no matter what group or religion they belong to, finally it is the place where she believes her father is waiting for her.

Based on theater workshops with Syrian refugee children living in the Turkish-Syrian border town Reyhanli, the film tells the story of five children that flee from the ghosts-militias, when their village is destroyed. They set out on a journey that soon leaves the realms of reality.

Acted completely by Syrian children who themselves had to flee to Turkey, this film is a multi-layered parable for what war does to children.

Kinder des Lichts_3

Kinder des Lichts_2

Kinder des Lichts_1

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Feature film

70 min, 4K

Directed by David Ruf
Written – Anke Klaaßen
–  Pierre Castillo Bernad
Sound – Garip Özdem
Editor – Sina Ataeian
Score – Manok Roussyalian
Color Grading – Thorsten Loeffler
Sounddesign – Ana Monte, Jeff Phaklides, Bastian Gerner

Producers – Silvana Santamaria & Hermann Trick
TV-Commisioners – Brigitte Dithard (SWR), Sabine Brantus (Arte)

Production Companies – Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Rozinante Productions, Soilfilms
Cooperation Partners – D-Facto Motion & Woodblock