Constitution of Colombia, Article 13: All people are free and equal in law…

“We work, but for them we are beggars anyway” (José, 44)
“I worked since I was twelve” (Ernesto, 16)
“We Columbians have to learn to seize our opportunities” (Lisideth, 18)
“They wanted to kill me. I had to flee to Cartagena” (Arnulfo, 45)
“What I would change in my life? Everything.” (Lucía, 37)
“I survive…and have no fear of nothing and nobody” (Eddy, 50)

…and the government provides for abidance by these laws

A film about the daily struggle at Plaza Santo Domingo, about the lost faith in Colombia and about the strength to preserve the lust for life.






62 min, DV

Written & directed by Catalina Flórez
Cinematographer – Tanja Häring
Sound – Catalina Flórez, Nelson Toncel
Editor – Wiebke Hofmann, Saskia Metten
Music composed & conducted by Tom Harris
Sounddesign & mixing – Helene Seidl
Color Grading – Ilija Brunck
Producers – Julia Maier, Sebastian Sawetzki
Production company – Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg