On sufferance tells the story of a Roma family who has been living in Germany for 15 years with the residence permit status of being tolerated. Hajrije, the single parent mother, is 42 years old. She lives with her 3 kids Arduan (16 years old), Ramize (14 years old), Bobby (12 years old), her grandniece Melissa (7 years old) and Mee (Arduan\’s girlfriend) in the problem district Stuttgart Fasanenhof. Indeed, the life in Germany might offer a certain security for the romanie family concerning racist assaults; nevertheless, is not easy for the Husenis to manage their everyday life. Because of their residence permit status they can be deported to the Kosovo at every time. Efforts to get a stay permit seem to be hopeless after 15 years of trying. Especially the younger family members worry how the life of the family will go on and what could be done to get another chance to stay in Germany.



HD 58.30 min.
TV-Channel: SWR
Broadcast on SWR : 18.11.2008

Written & directed by Silvana Santamaria
Cinematographer – Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko, Silvana Santamaria
Sound – Rolf Mahnke
Editor – Robert Wellié
Music – Rami Al-Rajab
Sound re-recording mixing – Andreas Mühlschlegel
Producer – Laura Müller
Production company – Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg


Festival-premiere – IFF Leipzig 2008
Awarded – European Young CIVIS media prize 2008
Awarded – predicate “rated especially commendable“
Awarded – Documenary of the month February 2008
Nominated – Category „German competition“ for the “Golden Deaf” IFF Leipzig
Nominated – „Best foreign documentary“ Medfilm Festival/ Rom
Nominated – „Best foreign documentary“ IFF Tranzyt/ Polen