Lea and Lisa are having a dream. They want to become professional ballet dancers but it‘s a long way to go. Both are students of the famous John-Cranko-Ballet-School in Stuttgart Germany. Eleven year old Lisa is willing to work hard. Her family is far away so they only enjoy time togehter at the weekends. Boarding school is now her home. Will she pass the next exam at the end of the year?
Twenty-one year old Lea, has taken the same road in life. She left home to fulfill her dream. Now she‘s looking forward to her last exam in school and is full of trepidation for what comes next; her first job as a professional ballet dancer at the Stuttgart Ballet. It seems she made it…

…However, does she desire her dream strongly enough to allow it to become a burden?

Lisa Kopie 3

Train Kopie


59 min, HD
TV Channel – SWR
First Broadcast on TV: 21.11.2011
Broadcasted on: EinsPlus, HR, EinsFestival

Written & directed by Inga Bremer
Cinematographer – Marcus Zaiser
Sound – David Finn
Editor – Isabell Allgeier
Music composed & conducted by  Elena Maier
Sounddesign – Armin Büchele, Christian Eickhoff
Sound mixing – Marc Schmieder
Color Grading – Richard Gröhl
Line Producer – Thomas Lechner
Producer – Anna-Luise Dietzel, Inga Bremer
Head of Production SWR – Jochen Dickbertel
Executive Producer – Stephan Grobe
Supervising Professor – Ebbo Demant
Commisioning Editor – Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri
Production Company – Jolle Film, Filmacademie Baden-Württemberg
Funded by MFG Media & Film Society Baden-Wuerttemberg


World premiere: Sichuan TV Festival 2011, Awarded best Campus-Subject-Documentary 2011
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2011
Filmfest Friedrichshafen 2012
Kunsttage Stuttgart 2012
Nominated for best documentary – Tiszamozi International filmfest of fine arts 2012/Hungary