Egypt, at the end of the era Mubarak.
Sharaf, a young Egyptian man, wander in the streets of Cairo. After accidentally killing a tourist he ends up in prison. The encounters he is about to make highlight the quirks of a fossilizing Egyptian society, as much as the daily fights of individuals, determined to make things move.

“ I always wanted to write about prison where I spent more than 5 years for political reasons. I kept postponing such project, waiting for a certain connection to nowadays reality. Then one day I read in the newspapers about an American expert who was killed by a young Egyptian when he tried to sexually seduce him. I imagined what would happen to him inside the prison and it clicked! “

Sonallah Ibrahim


Feature fiction
90 min
– in financing –

Writer & Director – Samir Nasr
Script writers – Sonallah Ibrahim & Samir Nasr

Producer – Silvana Santamaria, Catalina Florez, Patrice Nezan, Günter Moritz
Production Company –
Soilfilms Media GmbH, Les Contes Modernes SAS (France) & Teamwork.die Filmproduktion GmbH

In cooperation with – ARTE/ZDF, Fonds Images de la Francophonie, Film and Media Fund (MFG), Stuttgart
International Sales agent M-appeal