The factory worker Guido make a mistake at work. Out of fear of losing his job, he blames his colleague David. When David and Guido meet some time later, by chance, Guido has to face his guilt.



9 min, RED
Tv- Channel – ARTE SWR
TV-Premiere: 31.01.10 on ARTE

Directed by Silvana Santamaria
Screenplay – Stefanie Ren
Cinematographer – Florian Langanke
Editor – Veronika Hettich
Music composed and conducted by Karol Obara
Producer – Jacques Colman, Ignazio Giovacchini
Production Company – La Fémis, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

With – Knut Berger, Oliver M. Debuschewitz, Anselm Roser, April Nisa Dolan


Festival premiere – San Sebastian Filmfestival 2009