“The Mandate“ portrays a lawyer and his mandate in the preparation of a murder trial. It follows the lawyer’s struggle to find the truth, and the difficulty in knowing what to believe. The lawyer goes deeper and deeper into the life of a broken man and a milieu that is unfamiliar to him. In spite of personal doubts, he’s in charge of doing an important and professional job.



52 min, HD
TV Channel: SWR, 3Sat, Phoenix

Written & directed by Ayla Gottschlich
Cinematographer – Sebastian Naumann
Sound – Ayla Gottschlich, Simon Wolf
Editor – Gregor Bartsch
Music composed and conducted by Heinrich Schiffers
Sounddesign/ Sound mixing – Andre Zacher, Helene Seidl

Producer – Monika Kintner
Production Company – Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion GmbH & Co.KG
Funded by MFG Media and Film Society Baden-Württemberg


Worldpremiere: 36th Duisburg Film Week 2012
Honorable Mention at the 36th Duisburg Film Week 2012