SILVANA SANTAMARIA is a German film director, screenwriter and producer residing in Berlin. She studied from 2004-2010 at the Film Acadamy Baden-Württemberg, where she met her partners of Soilfilms. In 2010 she was one of two scholarship holders at the Academy of Arts in Berlin in the „Film-Art“ section. From 2007-2010 she was a scholarship holder of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung during her studies. She successfully directed award winning films like “On Sufferance” and “Nowhere.Kosovo”. Her latest films are the productions “A Part Of Me” (2015-2017) (director, writer and producer), “Franco’s Legacy – Spain’s Stolen Children” (2016) (producer) and the feature film “Land of Light” (2013-2016) (producer), which was shot on the Turkish/Syrian border in 2014. From 2011 to 2012 Silvana Santamaria directed the award winning short film “Her letter to the wedding” with Corinna Harfouch in the leading role.





Director: Jana Bürgelin

Production: SOILFILMS GmbH & Co. KG and ZDF/3SAT – Ab 18!

In Production, one episode, 4k, 30 min, Germany


Since 2017 QUEER & DRÜBER – TV- SHOW

Director, Screenwriter

In development


2015-2017 A PART OF ME – International Co-Production-feature film

Director, screenwriter & producer

Production: SOILFILMS  in co-production with Zoneart-films.

Finalized, 4k., 85. Min, Germany, Tunisia,


2015-2016 YOUR STREET MY STAGE – Red Bull – TV-Series

Director, screenwriter

Production: Propeller Film

Client: Redbull

One episode, 4k, 28 min., production country: Germany, TV-Release: Summer 2016


2014-2016 FRANCO’S HERITAGE – STOLEN LIVES feature-length documentary


Production company: SOILFILMS GmbH & Co. KG in cooperation with

ARTE & BR (Sonja Scheider, Martin Kowalczyk)

Broadcast: 13.02.2018 ARTE & 14.03 BR, HD, 60/90 min, Germany, Spain


2014-2019 AZIZA – feature film

Producer, director and screenwriter

Production: SOILFILMS  in cooperation with SR/ARTE and Zoneart-films, Tunisia.

In pre-production/financing. 4k, 105 min, Germany, Tunisia


2013-2015 “CHRONICLE OF A REVOLT – ONE YEAR ISTANBULfeature length documentary


Production: SOILFILMS GmbH & Co. KG and Biene Pilavci in cooperation with  ZDF (Burkhard Althoff) and ARTE (Kathrin Brinkmann), HD, 83 min., production country: Turkey


Festival release fall 2015, Rio de Janeiro Film festival


2013-2016 KINDER DES LICHTS – feature film


Production: Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with the SWR (Brigitte Dithard), ARTE (Sabine Brantus) & SOILFILMS,  4k, 75 min, Germany, Turkey


2012 – 2015 MYANMAR GOES DemoCRAZY – feature-length documentary

Co-director & editor

Production: Grand Pictures UG

HD, 90 min,  Myanmar, Thailand, Germany




Production: Television and Film GmbH TeamWorx, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

ARTE (Nadja Dumouchel), SWR (Brigitte Dithard), BR (Claudia Gladziejewski)

Funded by the Media and Film Company Baden-Württemberg (MFG)

Cast: Corinna Harfouch, Sylvester Groth, Juta Vanaga, Christoph Gaugler

RED, 20 min, Germany

Broadcast: ARTE 10.08.2012, 17.12.2012 SWR, BR 29/05/2013


2011 – 2012 ALICE IN THE LAND OF HOPE – documentary

Director, DoP & screenwriter

Production: Das Goldene Lamm Film Production GmbH in cooperation with the SWR (Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri)

Funded by the Media and Film company Baden-Württemberg (MFG)

Cast: Alice Pugliese, Laura Verduci, Dario Ibrizi, Patience Onwuatuegwu, including

HD, 58.30 min, production country: Italy

Broadcasted: 02.12.2013 SWR, EinsPlus 26/01/2014


2010 – 2011 LOVELAB – short film

Co-Director and Staging

Production: German Exotic Film Production, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

in cooperation with ZDF

Cast: Demet Gül, Felix Hellmann, Isabella Surel, Gabriel Raab and many others

HD, 30 min, production country: Germany

Broadcasting: ZDF 14.02.2012


2008 – 2010 NOWHERE.KOSOVO – documentary

Director & screenwriter

Production: Eikon Southwest, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, Co-production: SWR (Gudrun Hanke – El Ghomri)

Funded by the Media – and Film company Baden-Württemberg (MFG)

Cast: Haki Krasniqi, Hasan Krasniqi, Silvia Krasniqi and many others

HD, 58.30 min / 82 min, production country: Kosovo

Charisma: SWR 18.10.2010, EinsExtra 07.01.2011


2009 STANDSTILL – short Film


Production: Franco-German Film Academy, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, La Fémis, in cooperation with ARTE (Nadja Dumouchel) and SWR (Brigitte Dithard)

Funded by the Media  and Film company Baden-Württemberg (MFG)

Cast: Knut Berger, Oliver Debuschewitz and many others

RED, 9 min, production country: Germany

Broadcast: ARTE 02.03.2010


2007 STATUS: TOLERATED – documentary

Producer, Director, DoP & screenwriter

Production: Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

In collaboration with the SWR (Gudrun Hanke – El Ghomri)

Cast: Ramise Huseni, Mee Kanokwan, Arduan Huseni, Bobby Huseni, Hajrije Huseni

HD, 60 min, production country: Germany, Kosovo

SWR 22.09.2008, EinsFestival 19.11.2008, EinsFestival 28.12.2008,, Phoenix 02/05/2009


2018: Prize of the ARD – Leistungsmodell – Prämie for KINDER DES LICHTS

2017: Founder’s Award for “Franco’s legacy”, DOC LA (Los Angeles)

2017: Asian premiere of “Franco’s legacy”, Shanghai Film Festival (A-Festival)

2017: “Franco’s legacy” wins Jury-Award for Best Documentary at Indian World Film   Festival

2017: “Franco’s legacy” awarded with Golden Remi at the International

Filmfestival Houston

2017: Rating “Especially worthwhile” – for “Franco’s legacy”

2017: DEKALOG Film Award, 2. Place – for “Franco’s legacy”

2015:   Int. Premiere „Chronicle of a Revolt – One Year Istanbul”, Rio de Janeiro

International film festival.

2014:             Award for “Franco’s legacy”, BR-documentary competition (director: Inga Bremer)

2013:             Nomination for “Her letter to the wedding”, Interfilm Festival Berlin

2012:             Award for “Her letter to the wedding”, Camera Kodak Award

2012:             Nomination for “Her letter to the wedding”, Max Ophüls Prize, category “Best Short Film”

2012:             Nomination for “Alice in the land of hope” Filmschau Baden-Württemberg

2011:             Award for “Her Letter to the wedding”, Caligari Prize

2010:             Award for “Nowhere Kosovo” Film Festival Max Ophüls Award, category  “Best Documentary”

2010 –  2011: Postgraduate scholarship at the Akademie der Künste Berlin, section: Film Arts

2009:             Award for “Nowhere Kosovo”, with the predicate “valuable” of the Institute for film rating Wiesbaden (

2009:             Nomination for “Status: tolerated” as “Best Foreign Language Documentary” MedFilm Festival / Rome

2009:             World premiere of the film “Standstill” at the International Film Festival in San Sebastian

2009:             Nomination for “Status: tolerated” as “Best Foreign Language Documentary” IFF Tranzyt / Poland

2008:             Award for “Status: tolerated” with the “European Young CIVIS Media Prize”

2008:             Nomination for “Status: tolerated” for the “Goldene Taube” Golden Dove in the category “German competition”, DOK Leipzig

2008:             Award for “Status: tolerated” as “Documentary of February” of the Institute for film rating Wiesbaden (

2008:             Award for “Status: tolerated” with the rating of “highly valuable” of Institute for film rating Wiesbaden (

2007 – 2010:   Scholarship from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation